Baytul Shihab

Invitation to Official Launch and Maiden Empowerment Program

BAYTUL SHIHAB INITIATIVES cordially invites you to its official launch and maiden empowerment program of its trainees. The training took place at the SHIHAB Vocational Training Centre, Adabata, Ilorin. The training was organized to empower our sisters and mothers to enable them contribute positively to their families' financial resources and that of the society at large.

Click to read our fliers with detailed information about the organization and services rendered.We look forward to your presence and contributions to the centre in cash and kind.

Jazakhumlahi Khairan

Venue: 13, Kuga Lane, Adabata, Ilorin

Date: Wednesday, 5th, January 2022

Time: 10 0 clock Islamic time

May Allah bless you as you attend. Amin.